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I Love My Pet Skin Coat Conditioner
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I Love My Pet Skin Coat Conditioner aman, alami, dibuat khusus untuk anjing dan kucing. melembabkan kulit dan mantel untuk membantu mencegah dan mengurangi kulit kering. I Love Pet - Conditioner bebas dari minyak, silikon dan lanolin, Bulu terasa lembut dan sehat.

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Rp 115,000

Coat Conditioner is a safe, natural, biodegradable conditioner made specifically for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. It conditions and moisturizes the skin and coat to help prevent and relieve dryness. Coat Conditioner leaves coats luxurious, healthy, and easy to manage. It helps to control static while making comb through and de-matting a breeze. Coat Conditioner is oil free, silicone and lanolin free, and leaves coat feeling soft and healthy without that weighed down look.

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Coat Conditioner is crafted to restore moisture, improve flexibility, eliminate static and make the coat shimmer. Eases mats and tangles for a smooth, full coat. Precisely concentrated 32 to 1 with a pleasant Cucumber & Green Tea fragrance.

Coconut/Palm Conditioner, Coconut Oil Fatty Acid, Quaternium Conditioner, Water, Color, Cucumber & Green Tea Fragrance .
Dilutes 32 to 1 Mix 2,5ox. of conditioner with one gallon of warm water. Wet animal thoroughly. Apply diluted shampoo from head to tail, working into lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.